The Benefits Of Employee Bonding

June 17, 2013

We spend much of our lives working and at work, which means that we are quite likely to see the people we work with more than our spouses, partners, relatives, friends and loved ones.

Getting to know the individuals that you work with is not always easy, as we type away at our keyboards in our cubicles or slide on our headphones and focus on our daily work activities – it’s easy for some of us to have our head down for most of the day.

Being social is part of human nature and improves our happiness, especially when we are getting along and enjoy the company of those we spend the most time with.

Elizabeth Scott, a wellness coach, award-winning blogger and health psychologist states that, “Very happy people are found to be very social, and have stronger romantic and social relationships with others than less-happy people. Research also found happy people to be energetic, decisive, creative, social, trusting, loving and responsive (Scott, 2012).”

Taking that five-minute coffee break to catch up with a fellow colleague may actually be good for your mental and physical health while enhancing your overall productivity throughout your work day.

Working in an agency setting can sometimes feel like you are riding a roller-coaster of deadlines, one day can be relaxed and the next you can have 10 different clients and or deadlines that need to be completed by end of day. Agency life also involves a lot of collaboration and it’s nice to feel as though you can count on your fellow employees as friends as well as co-workers.

Organizing a few team-building activities each year can help create a feeling of collaboration and trust with co-workers. Here are a few suggestions that might work for your particular workplace.

1. Bowling – Communica recently held a bowling team-building day! Bowling is a great opportunity to compete in a fun game while having the chance to sit, relax, chat and get to know your co-workers.

2. Scavenger hunt – This will bring back some childhood memories! Within your company break into teams by drawing names, each team will have the same challenge to complete within a specific time-frame. Activities can range from a potato-sack race to historical facts and questions.

3. Cooking classes – If your company is fairly small this is a perfect and fun setting to get to know your co-workers. Try something different like an Indian, Italian or Mexican themed cooking class to spice things up.

4. Themed work lunch – Throw an afternoon pizza and games lunch party where everyone donates $5 to $10 for the company’s favorite charity. This is a great way to get involved with the community and your co-workers. Getting to know your co-workers and engaging in fun activities will also contribute to employee retention and happiness.

The next time you walk to the water cooler or coffee machine make sure you say a friendly hello to your co-workers; it might actually be good for your health!

Reference: Scott, Elizabeth (2012). “Happy People – Secrets of Happy People” Why Happy People Are Better Off – retrieved from: on May 22, 2013.

-Keeley Travland, Communica