Relationships Matter

February 14, 2017


We stand at a very interesting time in terms of resource project development in British Columbia. The Province of BC has approved or is actively encouraging the development of major projects such as the Site-C Hydro Dam, the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion and multiple Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminals on BC’s coast. These projects are not only capturing headlines provincially, but globally.

Communities, Indigenous groups, Industries and Governments are seeking more effective and collaborative ways to work together on shared interests.  There is an understandable desire for all parties to be at the table at the onset on development, building a foundation based on mutual commitment, transparency and respect. Project teams require a recognition that success is directly linked to local community aspirations.

Communica and Four Directions Management Services (FDMS) have worked alongside one another in various community engagement settings for many years. This year, we are taking our relationship to the next level and are proud to announce a new partnership, FourComm.

FourComm provides a fresh approach to community engagement and consultation, one that goes beyond meeting the minimum regulatory requirements.  We represent a strong, experienced team, with long-standing, positive relationships in BC.  FourComm applies strategic techniques deeply rooted in First Nations practices, customs and traditions, while incorporating innovative stakeholder engagement and communication strategies designed specifically for each community.

Understanding the landscape in which you operate is critical in risk management and risk reduction. FourComm can help build an enhanced understanding between various interests to develop long-term success for your project. Good engagement process design will make space to have a respectful dialogue without telling people how to think or feel, to find common ground and identify the “sweet spot” of creating knowledge and forging a path forward together, not in isolation.

FourComm’s distinctive service offerings include relationship management, skilled facilitation and mediation, strategic stakeholder and Indigenous engagement and consultation, unique communication program development, and information management services. Guided by principles of respect and integrity, at its core, FourComm will support teams in reaching true collaboration and potential. We’re better together.

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