Regulatory Publications – An Excellent Source Of Information

May 23, 2013

When a company decides to embark on a new project, it must consult with all affected stakeholders. Consultation is an integral part of the regulatory approvals process. Therefore, it is important for a company to keep its stakeholders properly informed. That means providing stakeholders with project-specific information, and providing them with the appropriate regulatory information publications.

The National Energy Board (NEB) is the regulator at the federal level and each province has its own separate regulatory agency (or agencies). The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERBC) and the Alberta Utilities Commission are regulatory agencies in Alberta. The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) and the British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission (B.C. OGC) are regulatory agencies in British Columbia.

Each regulatory agency creates its own set of publications. These publications are designed to guide stakeholders through the process of living and working around oil and gas or facility operations. The information contained within regulatory publications generally includes the roles and responsibilities of these regulatory agencies. It will identify how the agencies regulate oil and gas and other facility projects and operations along with some activity-specific information that relates to oil and gas or energy projects. Regulatory information publications also include an outline of landowners’ rights, how to participate in public hearings for the project, options available for opposing a project, options for dispute resolution and information regarding public health and safety and emergency preparedness.

The distribution of regulatory information publications is a regulatory requirement. Beyond that, though, regulatory information publications help give stakeholders useful information about oil and gas operations. By providing stakeholders with information in advance of filing an application, a proponent can better identify issues its stakeholders may have, and enable stakeholders to articulate their issues to the company and actively participate in the consultation process.

Regulatory information publications from the NEB include:
• Living and Working Near Pipelines: Landowner Guide
• A Proposed Pipeline or Power Line Project: What You Need to Know
For more information on NEB publications visit:

Regulatory information publications from the ERCB include:
• EnerFAQs
• Directive 56
The regulatory information publication from the AUC is:
• Rule 007

The regulatory information publication from the EAO is:
• Fairness and Service Code

Regulatory information publications for the B.C. OGC are:
• Pipelines and the Public
• In Brief: Landowners
For more information on B.C. OGC publications visit:

— Danielle Forbes, Communica