Professional Development At Communica: Making A Strong Team Even Better

August 21, 2012

Communica is committed to the ongoing professional development of employees by ensuring opportunities for personal and professional growth. Whether it’s sending our specialists to social media training workshops, or supporting an Accreditation in Public Relations with the Canadian Public Relations Society, employees are afforded time and financial resources to become better skilled in many facets of our three pillars of expertise: Stakeholder and Aboriginal Engagement, Communication, and Stakeholder Information Management (SIM).

We already have a strong and professional team, but we know we can always add to our knowledge and expertise to better serve our clients. Our current Communica team collectively holds more than 20 university and college degrees (Bachelor’s and Master’s), diplomas and certificates in a variety of disciplines, including communication, journalism, public relations, political science, native studies, public policy, sociology, law, business, commerce and science. And many of our members have also earned professional designations such as APR in public relations and IAP2 Certification in public participation/engagement.

Our connection with IAP2  (International Association for Public Participation) is an important professional development area for Communica.  IAP2  is an association of members who seek to promote and improve the practice of public paCrticipation in relation to individuals, governments, institutions, and other entities that affect the public interest in Canada and around the world. For more than five years, Communica has been a corporate member of IAP2 in both Alberta and B.C., and most of our staff has completed the IAP2 Certification in Public Participation program.

We’re excited to be a sponsor of the 2012 North American IAP2 Conference, September 30 to October 2 in Halifax, and we’ll be sending a Communica employee to represent our group. As a leader in the field of public engagement, Communica looks forward to sharing experiences and best practices with others, while having a little bit of East Coast fun!

Communica is a member of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. As part of this membership, our team is eligible to take online courses on topics focused on developing communication skills, running effective meetings, strategic management, conflict resolution and more. Currently, three Communica employees (Carolina, Bridget and Twyla) are working on these courses – we wish them much success!

Communica continues to look for opportunities to “stay fresh” and connected. As a new member of the Vancouver Board of Trade, we look forward to participating in events that will keep us in touch with thousands of businesses, representing hundreds of thousands of employees across B.C. and the world. We are truly committed to finding and offering our employees opportunities to network, grow and learn, and our professional development programs are just one reason we have some of the best and most talented specialists who are proud to call our workplace theirs!

– Emma Shea, B.C. Operations Manager and Senior Consultant –