Communica Vancouver Sun Run

April 17, 2015

Our Vancouver office is gearing up for the Vancouver Sun Run this Sunday – this is Communica’s first year having a Sun Run team.  After months (or weeks, or a couple days) of training all that’s left to do is compile our playlists to keep us motivated as we make our way through the 10K!

Here’s a sampling of some of our favourite running songs, what’s on your running playlist?

Jessica, eight-time Sun Runner, goes for a variety of genres to keep her interest levels up:

Kyla chooses any song (on her normally relaxed playlist) with a good beat:

Amanda picks any song with the word “run” in it and a good tempo:

Joelle only has remixes on her running playlist:

Shannon goes for some new sounds:

Kelsey, three-time Sun Runner, suggests unplugging and listening to the bands, sights and sounds along the route.

See you at the start line!