Communica Doubles Office Space In Vancouver

April 18, 2013


Carolina, Kelsey, Emma, Jessica and Kyla

In 2012, after four years with an established office in Vancouver, B.C., Communica Vancouver welcomed its fourth and fifth employees. With a growing team came the opportunity (and the need) to expand into a bigger, brighter, more comfortable office space and so, this past February, we moved into our new office.

Although this office is in the same building as the old one, and in fact is adjacent to our old office, we now have much more room to grow! Located on the fourth floor of the Marine Building, a Vancouver landmark since 1930, the new office is 2,042 square feet of bright and colourful work space – twice the square footage of our old office!

The boardroom comfortably accommodates eight and has video conferencing capabilities. Where before we had three individual offices within the overall office, we now have four and a large open space that hosts four open-concept work stations.

To celebrate our new digs, about 60 of our clients and associates, plus a few colleagues from our Calgary office, joined us on March 26 for a cocktail reception, which was deliciously catered by Peak of Catering. Communica Principal and Senior Consultant Doug Ford provided the opening remarks and Emma Shea, our B.C. Operations Manager and Senior Consultant, made everyone feel welcome. Photos of the reception are posted on our Facebook page.

We look forward to the opportunities for growth we have in the new space. If you’re ever in the neighbourhood, stop by to enjoy a cup of coffee in our comfy lounge! Our address is 355 Burrard Street, Suite 408, in Vancouver, British Columbia.

– Carolina Quintana-Kohut, Advisor