Christmas Is A Time For Giving

December 4, 2014

Christmas is a special time, for people to enjoy the company of family and friends, to give and receive presents, and to eat, drink and be merry. But we know not everyone is equally fortunate, and that without a helping hand many people won’t have, and don’t have, a very merry Christmas.

That is why once again Communica is making donations to charitable agencies in Calgary and Vancouver, and directly helping to provide some holiday presents, food and good cheer to others in our communities.

In Calgary, Communica is again working with the CUPS Adopt a Family team to bring Christmas to two families.

We have provided funds for CUPS to provide Christmas gifts, grocery gift cards and a cash donation for a family of four.

And Communica staff will buy gifts for a family of eight, who will also receive grocery gift cards and a cash donation.

In Vancouver, Communica staff are sponsoring a family of two – a mother and son – through the YWCA. That sponsorship also includes Christmas gifts and a grocery store gift card.

And once again, Communica staff are individually buying and giving toy hampers to one or more of the many agencies, such as the Salvation Army, fire and police departments, and Toy Mountain depots, that also collect and deliver toys for Christmas.

We at Communica are pleased to be able to share our good fortune with others, and that is particularly true at this special time of year.

So from all of us at Communica, Merry Christmas, everyone.

– Jim Rennie, Senior Manager, Operations